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11 Super-Simple Things You Should Do On A Sunday To Transform Your Week

Make yourself a morning person (sort of) with these simple tips. Brought to you by TRESemmé Biotin+ Repair 7.

1. Do some stretches to help relax your body before bed.

2. Set two alarms so you won't hit that snooze button.

3. Prep a breakfast you'll want to wake up for.

4. Clean the week's junk out of your bag.

5. Write down your accomplishments to settle your mind.

6. Apply a hair mask to get your locks back to their best.

7. Plan out your outfit the night before.

8. Pack your bag with everything you need.

9. Plan your commute or gym playlist the night before.

10. Wash your hair in the evening, rather than the morning.

11. Write down a list of everything you need to do.

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