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Costco Is Changing And We're Not Here For It

If it ain't broke, don't fix it.

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Everyone knows Costco: that one place that makes you think you're saving money, but really you're just getting a discount on things you don't absolutely need.


It's basically an ideal place for appetizers with all the samples. Who needs to pay $11 for avocado toast when you can have this?

And there's this magical place called the food court that rivals that of IKEA's.


Ignoring the calories, it's amazing. We've seen new products (the cheeseburger) come in, and old products leave (RIP the OG berry smoothie).

The berry smoothie is gone and replaced with a monstrosity of a fake berry smoothie, but we've come to terms with it. But what comes next is just an ultimate betrayal.

Costco always is proud of keeping the prices the same, am I right? Nope, they're stone cold liars.

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