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17 Unique Winter Inspired Desserts Guaranteed To Impress This Holiday

Dessert can either make or break a family gathering, no pressure.

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2. Chocolate Tuxedo Cream Cheesecake

The Cheesecake Factory / Via

Cheesecake is always a guaranteed show-stopper, but with a layer of vanilla mousse, chocolate cheesecake, and chocolate cake, you're sure to impress. Finished with chocolate ganache and whipped cream, each bite highlights each individual component.

5. Red Velvet Sugar Cookies

Cooking Classy / Via

Sugar cookies are a known favorite of Santa--this recipe adds a fresh spin on the old classic. Topped with cream cheese frosting, Santa won't have the strength to just eat one cookie after his strenuous trip around the world.

6. S'mores Cheesecake

Life, Love, and Sugar / Via

Imagine sitting around a campfire, roasting s'mores over an open fire with all your loved ones. Subtract the outdoor element, and you have the perfect environment to share this delectable desert while sipping on apple cider or hot cocoa.

7. Molasses Gingerdoodles

Averie Cooks / Via

Gingerbread men perfectly sum up the holiday experience--decorating and giving personality to a cookie. Not enough time to put in intricate detail? Not a fan of crunchy cookies? Soft and chewy molasses gingerdoodles are the answer.

10. Chocolate Ganache Tarts

Baker By Nature / Via

There's always the debacle of who is going to get the last piece of pie. With individual tartlets, everyone gets their fair share of deliciousness. Combining fruity and decadent flavors, these tarts won't disappoint.

12. Caramel Apple Crisp Cheesecake

Dan, Cakes Cottages / Via

Yet another cheesecake, but there's a reason. Oozing with apple and caramel flavor, and not to mention the crunchy apple bits sprinkled over the top, this cheesecake will undoubtedly steal the whole show.

13. Carrot Pecan Cookies

Lauren, Lauren's Latest / Via

It's a slightly odd flavor profile, combining carrot and pecan together. Santa and his reindeer alike will for sure take a few of these cookies for the long journey, and possibly the left over cream cheese frosting too.

14. Triple Chocolate Mousse Cake

OMG Chocolate Desserts / Via

Chocolate, chocolate, chocolate. Mousse may not be outstanding in a free form glass, but when it's in the form of cake, the level of awe increases exponentially. This dessert is perfect for the feuding families who can never decide if white chocolate is better than milk chocolate. Why argue when you can have both?

15. Chocolate Molten Lava Cakes

Life in the Lofthouse / Via

On a cold winter day, the only saving grace is something warm at the end of the day. When you cut into this rich chocolate cake, hot chocolate oozes from every pore of the cake. Served with a cold scoop of vanilla ice cream, a classic has been born.

16. Extra Fudgy Brownies

Pinch of Yum / Via

Brownies are best served warm and chewy with a melting scoop of vanilla bean ice cream. Made with coconut oil, these chewy chocolate delights will make small talk disappear completely. No time to talk, only time to eat!

17. Chocolate Raspberry Brownies

Gather for Bread / Via

A classic chewy brownie not extravagant enough? In addition to a warm chocolate brownie, this recipe adds a layer of raspberry filling, a layer of cream cheese, and another layer of chocolate to ice the cake--or should I say brownie. Don't forget the raspberry on top.

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