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10 Things UW Students Will Miss After Graduation

Huskies, assemble. Washington State has absolutely nothing on us.

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1. Rick's Cafe

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The "Freshman 15" isn't just simply a myth in college. Adjusting to the new atmosphere, stress, and food is often hard to do--one dollar ice cream at Rick's Cafe in Haggett Hall doesn't help. Run by student volunteers, Rick's offers mounds of ice cream, delicious milkshakes, and warm chocolate cookies to munch on after a long day of studying.

2. The U-Pass


$2.75 might seem like a hefty price to pay for a one way bus ticket, but the U-Pass, included with your tuition, solves this dilemma. This makes it easy to visit Downtown, Fremont, Queen Anne, Capitol Hill, or any of Seattle's various districts. It's a great way to see the city for no extra pressure on a college student's wallet.

3. The IMA (Intermural Activities Building)


Working out might not be an easy task to fit into a full-time student's schedule, but it's a great way to relieve stress in college. For North Campus residents, the IMA is just a short walk away from their dorms. For West Campus residents, Fitness Center West is only a few steps out of the way. It's not often in your life that a gym membership is bundled with education, so take advantage.

4. Suzzallo Library


Everyone has their dreams of getting accepted into Hogwarts--stepping into the second floor Reading Room of Suzzallo Library is the closest thing to it. Adorned with floating chandeliers, long wooden tables, and lined with books, Suzzallo is a perfect place to study or unwind quietly.

5. The Quad


Winter might not be the most ideal season in Seattle, but during Spring Quarter you'll want to be outside soaking up the sunshine. Fragrant cherry blossoms line the Quad, making it a perfect place to take an afternoon nap, play frisbee with friends, or just relax on a bench nearby. People watching has never been so perfect.

6. Game Day


College rivalries, football, pre-gaming, food, and friends. What more could a college student ask for. Game day at Husky Stadium is always an event to see--you're surrounded by a crowd of cheering purple spectators. Everyone has the same goal of defeating the opposing team, which makes the school pride skyrocket, especially after pulling out the win.

7. Dubs


Dubs might be elusive, so make sure to snag a picture with him if you catch him wandering about on campus. Everyone knows dogs are good support in a tough time, so living in the world without seeing Dubs randomly just isn't so bright. It's simply an excuse to get a husky of your own, carrying on your UW pride.

8. Drumheller Fountain


Drumheller Fountain is like the friend you only see when you come home for Christmas Break. UW rarely keeps the fountain on for most of the year, but there's nothing more beautiful than seeing Mount Rainier behind Drumheller Fountain on a blue sky day. Beware of the geese, vicious little creatures.

9. Red Square


Red Square is a forum for everyone, whether it be the aggressive petitioners attacking you for signatures when you're already late for class, the activists, or just the passerby's. Every so often, UW holds events where you're likely to get t-shirts, food, drinks, and entertainment. By the time graduation comes around, you'll have a mound of UW apparel reaching to the ceiling.

10. Seattle


The University of Washington feels separated from Seattle itself, but that doesn't mean it's not in the city. Some of the best memories are from exploring Pike Place, the Waterfront, or from going to Alki Beach. Don't get too caught up in the pressure to study, everyone needs some adventure in their life. Just remember, once a Husky, always a Husky.

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