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12 Food Station Ideas For Your Wedding Day

Your wedding day is drawing near, where you will be living the favorite part of your fairy tale in the most authentic fashion. Every breathing moment would be clouded with the feeling of excitement and euphoria. Your mind, body, heart and soul would be inundated by the ocean of love. If you are the bride-to-be or groom-to-be, then here are 12 enticing, tantalizing and mouth-watering food station ideas to consider for your special day. Wedding food stations are relatively a new delicacy on the platter of wedding planning. Remember, the way to every wedding guest’s heart is through their stomach! So, what are you waiting for? Go through these incredible wedding catering ideas to make your wedding buffet a grand experience.

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1. The Mediterranean Buffet

The stunning continental setting at a wedding celebration always pulls at our heartstrings. A buffet station of delightful olives, cheeses, chutneys, nuts, breads and oils will make you swoon. This fabulous set-up will make your drinks reception extraordinary.

2. Asian-Inspired Canapés & Sushi Bar

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Asian-inspired appetizers such as sushi, fresh spring rolls, soy-soaked dumplings and fresh mini Vietnamese salads complement the post-ceremony summer beverages perfectly. These delicacies are fabulous as finger foods and light enough to keep the guests contented but not stuffed.

3. American-Style Snack Stations

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Atlantic foods should be your inspiration if you plan to make a significant impact through food at a wedding. The Americans do it so well when it comes to sweet snacks, serving up DIY wedding stations of waffles, cookies, s’mores and donuts with sangfroid. Wedding guests with a colossal appetite are sure to be kept dancing all evening with these bombs of calories.

4. The Salad Bar – For the Conscious Soul

Rosa's Catering Blog / Via

A salad bar is a stylish twist on one of the most sought-after, timeless starters out there. Bid farewell to those dull and uninteresting salads! Let your salad bar include anything and everything from vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, proteins, arugula to pasta. Keep your wedding feast super healthy and refreshing with salads.

5. The Mexican Feast

Gracias Made / Via

For all the foodies, a Mexican food station is an awesome option. The colorful ingredients of the Mexican cuisines make them one of the most delicious, yummiest and universally loved foods. Tacos and nachos are the perfect late night snacks when served with crisp beer or paired with the tasty margarita.

6. The Pizza Station – Everybody’s Favorite

The Proper Pizza Co / Via

Can you imagine the world without pizza? No, right! Then how can a wedding buffet be complete without a pizza station? Win your guests’ hearts with margarita, pepperoni or gourmet style pizza. This delicious crispy snack is easy and simple to serve and eat with a glass of vino. Enjoy!

7. The Oyster Bar

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This bivalve packs a wallop of zinc that has great health benefits; oysters not only boost your sex drive but also work wonders for mood and energy. So, what’s better than treating your guests with a delicious oyster and shucking bar? To savor the taste of Ireland, you can also pair it up with a mini pint of Guinness.

8. Popcorn Station

The Hollywood Candy Girls / Via

Popcorn station is one of the most delectable concepts that have become a hot new trend at weddings in the recent past. Serve gourmet popcorn as a tiny yet yummy little snack for your guests to munch on; and don’t forget to keep a variety of popcorn flavors - from sweet to salty.

9. Sweet Bars and Candy Buffets

Pittsburgn Sweet Treats / Via

Life feels a lot sweeter with sweet bars and candy buffets; they are an appreciable substitution for traditional desserts. Load up your table for all those who have a sweet tooth with - marshmallows, fudge, rock candies or mini meringues.

10. Guilt Free Dig in – The Cake and Dessert Table

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The dessert bar is everybody’s favorite station to stop at. Choose an assortment of gateau and desserts in various flavors to relish, and let your guests be high on cake pops, brownies, cupcakes, mini pies on a stick, Bundt cakes, berry parfaits, pudding parfaits, and the list is endless.

11. Go Round with the Doughnut Table

Bridal Pulse / Via

Glazed and frosted saccharin circles of happiness are loved by everyone. Doughnuts possess the power to put a permanent smile on each and every face. Get the freshest, yummiest donuts in harmonious flavors, shapes, and sizes and create a wall of doughnuts at your wedding.

12. Colorful Ice Pops

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These frozen pops are not just for the toddlers; they can melt every human heart regardless of their age. Serve some nostalgia to friends and family at your wedding ceremony in the form of colorful ice pops; we bet these frozen treats will refresh every guest at the wedding.

Are you getting married? Or is your best friend going to recite the wedding vows soon? Then, you can choose some of these innovative food station ideas to delight the eyes and taste palate of your wedding guests.

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