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    • tremana

      Eh, I’mafanboy, whose friends’ were reading the books for at least7or8years before they convinced me of George R.R.Martin’s literary genius. I’m more ofacasual fanboy-sureIused to beadiehard D&D player,Iused to camp out for Star Wars movie-tickets, but these day: …Ehh.. I’mafilm/(GOOD)television-buff fulltime! AND I’ve gotagreat sense of humor!Ithink anybody(diehard fan or otherwise) withamodicum of humility and evenadecent sense of humor would find this AT LEAST partially hilarious! I’m glad ‘A Game of Thrones’ rightfully usurped the number one show spot on HBO from that garbage,’True Blood’! ‘Thrones’ has even surpassed’The Sopranos’
      in terms of number of viewers, so you know it’s doingalot of ‘somethings’ right! The REAL TRAGEDY is that Scorcese’s ‘Boardwalk Empire’ hasn’t surpassed the lot of them! ;p

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