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Paid PostPosted on Dec 21, 2017

22 Thoughts Every Single Woman Has Had While Lying Back For A Bikini Wax

What doesn't kill you makes you stronger.

1. "Dear Lord, when did things down there get so...thick?!"

Fox Broadcasting / Via

"Yes, I haven't bothered to do any maintenance in three months, but I just thought it would do it itself."

2. "I kind of like it though. It feels so nice and soft."

United Artists / Via

"My pants literally just sit on top of it. I'm kind of into it."

3. "I'm going to be wearing a bikini next week though... Yeah, it's time to sort this out."

HBO Entertainment / Via

"I don't want to give in to these societal norms, but I also kind of like a naked vajayjay."

4. "Today is the day. I'm prepped. I feel strong."

The CW / Via

"How much can ripping tiny hairs out of my crotch area really hurt?"

5. "How naked do I get when they leave me to take my clothes off?"

20th Century Fox / Via

"If I get too naked, this will be more awkward. But if I don't get naked enough, then I look silly."

6. "Do I just leave my granny pants in plain view?"

Miramax Films / Via

"I'll artfully drape them on the chair over here. Maybe we can bond over our mutual love of comfy underwear."

7. "If I just exude confidence, then it might not hurt as much." / Via

"She sees vaginas every day, so this is just a really normal day at the office for her."

8. "The hot wax feels so nice. Comforting, like a big old hug from a really fluffy bear."

CityTV / Via

"If this is what waxing is like, then sign me up for a lifetime of it."

9. "Okay, it's coming, the wax strip is on, and it HAS to come off. Breathe, breathe, breathe..."

MTV / Via

"Think of nice things like dogs sitting in the front seats of cars looking like they're driving. Aw."

10. "HOLY F*&% S*&% BALLS!"

Allied Artists / Via

"I am paying money to be put through this pain. I am paying cold hard cash out of my OWN pocket for this."

11. "Oh god, she's really getting in there. What can she see up there?"

BBC / Via

"I bet whatever she is seeing is beautiful."

12. "Why is she asking me to put my legs up?"


"I really should have practised my poker face before coming here."

13. "What did I ever do to this lady?!"

Oxygen / Via

"Is she enjoying this? Because I'm not RN."

14. " Can I ask to leave midway?"

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"I'm fine with being the pioneer of the half-bush look."

15. Maybe if I text throughout this, the pain will go away.


"FYI, I'm having a wax right now and I'm so sorry this is the most painful thing I've ever gone through send help thank you I love you I'm sorry for that time I broke a vase and then blamed it on the dog."

16. "Now please turn over." / Via

"Did I hear that wrong? We're finished, right?"

17. "Is she putting wax on my bumhole?"


"I never asked for my bumhole to be hairless! Maybe I want a hairy bumhole!"

18. "How did my life come to this?"

The CW / Via

"My life is now in two parts: pre-wax and post-wax."

19. "I've never felt so vulnerable, but I've equally never felt so alive."


"I feel weirdly invigorated."

20. "We're done! I made it!"

City TV / Via

"That *actually* wasn't as bad as I thought it'd be..."

21. "Oh wow, it's so breezy down there now."


"It's so smooth down there! I can't stop staring at it. It's really is a thing of beauty. I feel free and beautiful and strong."

22. "I feel like a brand-new woman, and what a wonderful feeling that is."

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