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    25 Raccoons You Won't Believe Actually Exist

    These are real raccoons that are walking around this planet right now.

    1. This one that understands the importance of good hygiene...

    ...even when you eat takeout.

    2. This one that's a real team player in the workplace.

    3. This one that lost the screwdriver during a bit of home remodeling.

    4. This one that just wants to see if you've really been brushing twice a day.

    5. This one taking a shower with a real-life Jeff-Bridge-meets-Santa Claus doppelgänger.

    6. This one that really, really, REALLY loves the bubble wrap.

    7. This one mowing grapes at a table — it thinks it's human! — while some offscreen Russian carries on a full convo in a hushed, conspiratorial tone. What does it all mean?!?

    8. This one that thought it had the perfect hiding spot.

    9. And this one that really should have put more thought into its hiding spot.

    10. This one that should play basketball because it recognizes the importance of spacing the floor with a good pick.

    11. This one that should also play basketball because its high five skills rate right now at a pro level.

    12. This one that doesn't really see eye to eye with its roommate about keeping the pad clean.

    13. These cubs that have a bright future on the NASCAR circuit.

    14. This one that really wants to sit in as a guest harpist with the Boston Symphony Orchestra.

    15. This one that thinks the rug will really tie its nest together.

    16. This one that's reinventing the wheel.

    17. This one accessorizing its doggy BFF with a hat. (SPOILER: It is the hat.)

    18. This one giving authorities the slip with a daring, high wire escape act.

    19. This one whose exit is equally impressive but for really different reasons: that bag of dog food weighs in at 28 pounds!

    20. The one in front who used social media to invite all of his classmates to summer's final pool party. BIG. MISTAKE.

    21. This one that needs to fit up after diving just a bit too deep into the dumpster.

    22. This one that could really use a hug right about now.

    23. This one that started from the bottom.

    24. And, finally, no, Rocket Raccoon isn't really real...

    25. ...but this little one, named Oreo and pictured here with director James Gunn, is!

    Raised from a young age at a wildlife sanctuary because his mother couldn't produce milk, he was mo-capped on set to help bring the unlikely star of 2014's biggest film, The Guardians Of The Galaxy, to life on the big screen. Read more about Oreo's rag-to-riches backstory at his website.