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What's Your Favorite T-Shirt?

Everyone has one. Add yours below!

Tee shirts are a dime a dozen...

...but everyone has their favorite.

Warner Bros.

It might be something that you fished out of a thrift store, a curious artifact of fashion trends past...

...or maybe it's something contemporary, something that you saw online.

It might be a hand-me-down from a parent or sibling, soft and buttery to the touch...

...or maybe it's something that's long gone, pilfered by an ex that wanted a keepsake to remember the relationship with. (I've been both the victim and the thief here.)

It might be something that takes you back to your college years...

...or maybe it's just something stupid you saw in a movie one time.

Universal Pictures

It might even be something you helped design and screen print.

Whatever it is, you'd be crushed — angry even — if it was lost or taken from you.

This one is mine. It's my favorite shade of green, fits perfectly, and riffs on my last name ("Greenwood"). Oh, and it was a birthday gift, so there's that going on too.

Add yours below!