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Puppy Cracks Under Cross-Examination. What Her Shocking Confession Means For Your Pocketbook!

This week on "Paw & Order": the case for canine clemency, which dog breeds make the best defense attorneys, and why she won't plead the 5th but will beg for treats.

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This is Luna, a 9-month-old puppy.

She's alleged—by her owner—to have defaced currency notes, a Federal offense that carries serious criminal penalties.

Confronted with evidence of said defacement, Luna initially denied culpability...

…but as the aggressive, nay dogged, cross-examination by the plaintiff continued, she found herself in a tight spot, her legal remedies dwindling.

The case turned definitively when the prosecutor asked "Everybody in the room who ate the money, raise their hand."

Even thought the counsel was clearly leading the witness, the verdict handed down was clear and unambiguous.

Faced with a life behind bars, Luna did what any smart defendant would do: she approached the bench and bartered nose kisses for leniency and forgiveness.

Watch this sordid travesty below. #freeluna

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