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How To Railslide Chairlift Cables With A Speed Wing

You know, just for kicks. *Reaches for keyboard, Googles "speed wing".*

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First, a bit of perspective. Here's French daredevil Valentin Delluc, shot from afar and outfitted with the aforementioned speed wing. Looks like quite the rush, right adrenaline junkies? *

* Don't try this at home, kids.

Switching now to POV footage, we see him easing closer to the cables. Gotta find your grind, so to speak.

And now we have touchdown. The sound is lost with the GIF but it's analogous to a buzz saw at a construction site or a drill in the dentist's office. Approaching the tower, Delluc ollies the cable housing...

…lands on the other side and repeats as needed, descending down the mountainside until he comes...

…to a stop safely on the ground.

And that's how you grind chairlift cables with a speed wing, for reals. NBD, everyone. Watch it all again in glorious HD:

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