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How To Overcome Challenges And Win At Life

As told by Chamallow, handsome French Houdini cat. *Swooning*

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Identify the problem or problems. What obstacles are holding you back?

Develop and test potential remedies. Experiment with technique as needed.

Refine your approach and chart the progress.

Apply pressure when opportunity strikes!

Repeat successfully so they can't say you're a one-trick pony.

"Scoreboard, bitches. I'm outtttttttttttt."

Watch and learn, straight from the master, said to be the "mascot" for a veterinarian's clinic in Marseille (FR).

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So expert are his jailbreaking skills that handlers have dubbed him "le chat roi de l'évasion", which translates, per Googles, into "chat King of Escape" (that's heavy praise, obvs).

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