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Bill Belichick Challenged The Internet To A Photoshop Battle (And The Results Were Tremendous)

The crashing sound you just heard? That's the gauntlet landing on the floor.

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By now, the project was finding traction beyond the confines of Reddit. This contribution, from sportswriter Will Brinson, traces the gag to its logical terminus, substituting all of the faces for that of Belichick's.

That, in turn, begat a second Star Wars-themed contribution from Redditor Gsfgf. Gone was Emperor Palpatine, replaced here with the equally menacing Darth Vader, who's slotted on the periphery because he's just one of the guys.

Opting for something disturbing, something that highlights the coach's reputation for insufferable, diva-ish personality tics, ScriptSarge layered the original with a dancing Belichick, complete with tutu. (And now my eyes are burning. Sorry, not sorry.)

Did I miss one? Share/link/post it in the comments below!

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