12 Cops Celebrating Exuberantly At Sporting Events (And Victory Parades)

Because everyone breaks character sometime. Fact: High-Fives > Handcuffs.

Late Sunday, Red Sox slugger David Ortiz smashed a first-pitch, 8th-inning Grand Slam to temporarily knot Game 2 of the ALCS at 5-5.

The ball landed in the Red Sox bullpen, just past the outstretched arm of the Tigers’ right fielder, Torii Hunter, who valiantly flipped over the wall…

…at full speed in a desperate attempt to catch it.

1. Caught by television cameras in the bedlam that followed was the reaction of Boston Police Officer Steve Horgan, who exuberantly signaled T O U C H D O W N ! ! !

An instant classic, the image graced Monday’s cover of The Boston Globe’s Sports page…

…and its rival, The Boston Herald. And about a billion other sites. Not surprisingly, there’s also a nascent meme making the rounds (that’ll do, Internet, that’ll do).

Here he is, recreating the scene with John Henry, the owner of the Red Sox, after the game.

Compiled below then, in honor of Officer Horgan’s newfound notoriety, are 9 other examples of law enforcement types breaking character and losing their sh*t at sports events.

2. Thrilled by a late scoring strike that gave the hometown Browns a lead, this Cleveland police officer started high-fiving randoms in the first row.

That was a mistake because…

…a fan, taking advantage of the lax security, would subsequently bolt onto the field to join in the end zone celebration. OOPS!

Meanwhile, in Philadelphia…




Presented below in video form, with enthusiastic commentary — “I can appreciate that!” — from the approving cops.

4. Proving that such behavior isn’t necessarily confined to the East Coast, relief pitcher Sergio Romo hams it up with a member of San Francisco’s finest at the Giants’ 2012 victory parade.

5. And here are our Canadian friends to the north, celebrating the return of ice hockey to the city of Winnipeg.

6. As it turns out, though, this Red Sox thing is nothing new. Bullpen cops have been pumping up the pitchers for at least a couple years now. Hey, it’s a good gig if you can get it!

7. A different guy. At the :12 second mark.

8. Look closely and you’ll see the faint outlines of a smile on the horse. Maybe.

10. Per points #7 and #8, one wonders if fist bumps have displaced the high-five as sport’s hand gesture of choice? It sounds like something a Millennial might say but GIFs don’t lie. Weigh in on this very important topic in the comments below…

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