12 Cops Celebrating Exuberantly At Sporting Events (And Victory Parades)

Because everyone breaks character sometime. Fact: High-Fives > Handcuffs.

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Compiled below then, in honor of Officer Horgan's newfound notoriety, are 9 other examples of law enforcement types breaking character and losing their sh*t at sports events.

...a fan, taking advantage of the lax security, would subsequently bolt onto the field to join in the end zone celebration. OOPS!

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Meanwhile, in Philadelphia...

Presented below in video form, with enthusiastic commentary — "I can appreciate that!" — from the approving cops.

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4. Proving that such behavior isn't necessarily confined to the East Coast, relief pitcher Sergio Romo hams it up with a member of San Francisco's finest at the Giants' 2012 victory parade.

7. A different guy. At the :12 second mark.

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10. Per points #7 and #8, one wonders if fist bumps have displaced the high-five as sport's hand gesture of choice? It sounds like something a Millennial might say but GIFs don't lie. Weigh in on this very important topic in the comments below...

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