6 Pictures Of A Baby Harbor Seal And His Mom

Gratuitously cute, gratuitously topical.

1. This is a baby harbor seal. He was born on May 1st at the Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach, California, and he is adorable. ADORBS, I say!

Source: Aquarium of the Pacific

2. Here he is with his mother, Shelby. She’s lived at the aquarium since 1998, and this is her second pup in as many years.

Source: LAIST

3. Mom has yet to name him, but the public can share their suggestions via the Aquarium’s “Adopt An Animal” program. (Clearly a source of distress for the little guy…)

Source: LAIST

4. “We’ll get you a proper name, soon, son. I promise!”

Source: LAIST

5. “Awww, you’re the best, Mom.”

Source: LAIST

6. What do you think he should be named? I vote for Sealy Dan but you should post your ideas in the comments below!

Source: LAIST

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