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    Handicapping The Nominees For The 4th Annual Golden Kitty Award

    The winner of the coveted statuette will be revealed this Wednesday at CHS Field in St. Paul, Minnesota!

    "Pavlov's Kitty"

    View this video on YouTube / Via

    Date published: Apr 27, 2015

    Views as of right now: 789,004

    Basic concept: Genius cat rings bell to signal he's ready for treats.

    GIF potential: Adorable cat + handsome outfit + human butler = the stuff that Tumblr dreams are made of.

    Why it will win: That dapper plaid shirt, his name is Pecan, he knows what he wants (and he knows how to get it). Remember: you can't spell feline overlords without LOL.

    Why it won't win: How could anyone say no to that face?

    Featured previously on BuzzFeed: Yes

    Odds of winning: 30%

    "Back Off!!"

    View this video on YouTube / Via

    Date published: Jun 22, 2015

    Views as right now: 4,207,122

    Basic concept: Territorial cat bullies curious bear, who promptly beats a hasty retreat. There's a door between them, but even so, that's one badass kitty.

    GIF potential: Unbearably high (sorry, I'll just show myself out now ... ).

    Why it will win: Huge viral audience, it's the most spontaneous (read: authentic), and everyone loves an underdog, ehhh, undercat? To paraphrase a famous writer dude, "It's not the size of the cat in the fight, it's the size of the fight in the feline." Or something something like that.

    Why it won't win: Two words: Vertical. Video.

    Featured previously on BuzzFeed: No

    Odds of winning: 20%

    "Cat Behavior Finally Explained"

    View this video on YouTube / Via

    Date published: Mar 31, 2015

    Views as of right now: 127,674

    Basic concept: Scripted treatment that skewers those MasterCard "Priceless" commercials, only as told from a cat's perspective.

    GIF potential: Good, but not, like, really pawesome (*groans loudly*). Is there a singular, standout moment here? I'm not seeing it.

    Why it will win: Good production values and the satire is, while not entirely original, executed with care. It's also recorded from a cat's POV, which people like ...

    Why it won't win: ... but then there's also no actual real cat at play here (those paws are fake, obviously, and I'm not counting the gray kitty at the :34 second mark who makes but a fleeting appearance). It also has the smallest view count of the nominees so it might struggle to overcome the name recognition and social buzz of its competitors.

    Featured previously on BuzzFeed: No

    Odds of winning: 10%

    "Brain Freeze"

    View this video on YouTube / Via

    Date published: Jul 22, 2014

    Views as of right now: 3,597,164

    Basic concept: Napoleon the cat noms ice cream, can't even deal.

    GIF potential: Mixed. The money shot comes at the :04 second mark but the audio here really sells the clip and that's lost when you cut a GIF.

    Why it will win: It's the most relatable. I've been this cat. You've been this cat. We've all been this cat.

    Why it won't win: No plaid shirt. :(

    Featured previously on BuzzFeed: Yes

    Odds of winning: 27%

    "Hover Cat (Episode 1)"

    View this video on YouTube / Via

    Date published: Oct 14, 2014

    Views as of right now: 219,398

    Basic concept: Rising cat gifted with extraordinary talents.

    GIF potential: About as high as the smush-faced kitty levitates above the floor.

    Why it will win: Superheroes are hot these days.

    Why it won't win: Origin stories, though? Not. So. Much.

    Featured previously on BuzzFeed: Yes (Community post)

    Odds of winning: 13%

    So there you have it, Pavlov's Kitty FTFW. Mind's made up and I'm sticking with it. Disagree? Think one of the others should snag the Golden Kitty? Vote for your fave in the poll embedded below!

    1. So ... who's gonna win?

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    So ... who's gonna win?
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      Pavlov's Kitty
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      Back Off!!
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      Cat Behavior Finally Explained
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      Brain Freeze
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      Hover Cat
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