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    33 Movie Posters That Prove Less Really Is More

    Because simplicity is a virtue and details are everything. All of the cat power to graphic designer Matt Owen.

    1. Ghostbusters

    2. The Avengers

    3. Raiders Of The Lost Ark

    4. Aliens

    5. The Karate Kid

    6. Rocky IV

    7. Back To The Future

    8. The Empire Strikes Back

    9. The Usual Suspects

    10. Zombieland

    11. The Goonies

    12. Pineapple Express

    13. National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation

    14. The Royal Tenenbaums

    15. E.T.

    16. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

    17. Thank You For Smoking

    18. Groundhog Day

    19. The Great Escape

    20. Raising Arizona

    21. Heat

    22. Psycho

    23. This Is Spinal Tap

    24. Dawn Of The Dead

    25. The Breakfast Club

    26. Reservoir Dogs

    27. Real Genius

    28. Caddyshack

    29. Slap Shot

    30. UHF

    31. Fahrenheit 451

    32. The Big Lebowski

    33. The Hateful Eight