25 Readers That Want To Check Copyranter’s Irony Privileges

BuzzFeed’s most polarizing entertaining parlor game/war of words/recurring gag.

This is Mark Duffy, a staff writer at BuzzFeed. Most readers will know him by his pen name, Copyranter. His posts take many forms and cover a wide variety of topics, but most come back to advertising (the good, the bad, and the ugly).

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Of late, he’s been posting galleries of “ironic” images. And rather prolifically at that. The BuzzFeed search bar yields at least 12 such posts, all composed since May.

Source: BuzzFeed

The effect is hilarious, if polarizing. Some readers, like the one below, love these posts.

Source: Yet 8 More Photos Vibrating With Irony

1. Some of them, however, do not…

Source: 10 More 100% Picture-Perfect Ironic Photos

2. Some commenters reach for the dictionary…

Source: 10 More Photos Aglow With Molten Hot Irony

4. Some are a bit more forceful.

Source: 8 More Photos Soaked With Irony

6. And yet other critics trace the problem back to cultural differences.

Source: 10 More Photos Sizzling With Irony

7. Prescribing remedial fixes is one of the more common approaches.

Source: 11 More Photos Dripping With Irony

8. And it’s not uncommon to see commenters traffic the same point from one post to the next.

Source: 9 More Photos Saturated With Irony

10. On occasion, Copyranter will address his critics directly.

Source: 10 More Photos Awash In Irony

11. A habit that has not gone unnoticed.

Source: 10 More Photos Sizzling With Irony

12. Most of the time, though, the exchange is one-way.

Source: 9 More Photos Blistering With Irony

16. Things get personal sometimes.

Source: 8 More Photos Soaked With Irony

20. While others plead for reason.

Source: 11 More Photos Drenched With Irony

25. Usually, though, these arguments just beget more disagreements. And the rabbit hole recesses deeper into the ground…

Source: 11 More Photos Drenched With Irony

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