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    24 Nerdy T-Shirts That Want To Be Cereal

    Parody is the cornerstone of any nutritious breakfast.

    1. Daft Crunch

    2. Loki Charms

    3. Banner's Gamma Smacks

    4. Hearty Khaleesi-O’s

    5. Wheatley's

    6. Walt's Blue Crunch

    7. Koopa Krunch

    8. Preda Pops

    9. Cap 'N Mal's Browncoat Crunch

    10. Dino Crunch

    11. AlieYUMS!

    12. Cthuloops

    13. Cylon's Centurion Toast Crunch

    14. The Commander's Snake Bites

    15. Doctor Brown's Fruity-Toasty Jigga Wheats

    16. Honey Nut Than-Oh's

    17. Tony's Iron Bran

    18. Barf's Space Balls

    19. Pierce's Level 6 Magical Cookie Crisp

    20. Mega-Bites

    21. Lion-O's

    22. Meat, The Breakfast Of Men

    23. Frakkin' Berry

    24. Tix

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