24 Nerdy T-Shirts That Want To Be Cereal

Parody is the cornerstone of any nutritious breakfast.

3. Banner’s Gamma Smacks

Shark Robot via Shirtoid

4. Hearty Khaleesi-O’s

RedBubble via Shirtoid

5. Wheatley’s

Mysoti via Shirtoid

6. Walt’s Blue Crunch


9. Cap ‘N Mal’s Browncoat Crunch

RedBubble via Shirtoid

13. Cylon’s Centurion Toast Crunch

RedBubble via Shirtoid

14. The Commander’s Snake Bites

RedBubble via Shirtoid

15. Doctor Brown’s Fruity-Toasty Jigga Wheats

RedBubble via Shirtoid

16. Honey Nut Than-Oh’s

RedBubble via Shirtoid

17. Tony’s Iron Bran

Shark Robot via Shirtoid

18. Barf’s Space Balls

RedBubble via Shirtoid

19. Pierce’s Level 6 Magical Cookie Crisp

RedBubble via Shirtoid

22. Meat, The Breakfast Of Men

Broken Noodle via Shirtoid

23. Frakkin’ Berry

Beast Wreck via Shirtoid

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