20 March Madness Brackets With A Pop Culture Twist

College basketball is — let’s face it — boring. That’s not to say, though, that its signature contribution to sports society can’t be repurposed to settle more pressing debates.

1. ’80s Vs. ’90s

Source: Jezebel

2. The It Girl

Source: Nylon | Via: Today News

3. ’90s Cartoon Characters

Source: TheFW

4. TV Couples

Source: Zimbio

6. “Star Wars” Characters

Source: Star Wars | Via: BuzzFeed

7. Entertainment Vs. The Internet Vs. Food Vs. Sports

Source: Bleacher Report

8. Breakfast Cereals? Breakfast Cereals!

Source: The Victory Formation

9. Sci-Fi’s Greatest Shows

Source: io9

11. The Year In Fug

Source: Go Fug Yourself | Via: Idiot’s Guides

13. Middle-earth Madness

Source: The One Ring

15. Battle Of The Bands

Source: MTV

16. The Best Sitcom Of The Last 30 Years

Source: Vulture

18. Martini Prep

Source: Slate

19. Curse Words

Source: Deadspin

20. And last, but not least, BuzzFeed’s very own Animal March Madness. (I think we all know that #teamOtter has this one in the bag.)

Read more about the 1st Round results here.

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