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13 Black & White War Photos Repopulated With Superheroes

Teasing out the uneasy relationship between memory and color, illlustrator Butcher Billy juxtaposes iconic images against retro comic book elements to powerful, disturbing, and unexpected effect. Graphic images ahead (no pun intended).

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The visual experiment ended up bringing different results to each piece — from giving a whole new meaning to the picture by modifying the original concept, to reinforcing the same idea by making clear just how the elements were influenced by the history depicted in the photos, or even saying a lot about the psychology behind fiction and reality. While we see the contrast between the black and white photos and the colorful vintage comic books elements, it's interesting to notice how the superheroes and supervillains world was actually "black and white" in a metaphoric way, while the grotesque war scenes are established in the real world, where the grey line between good and evil isn't always clear.
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