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12 Famous Sweaters "Drawn" From Pop Culture

The knits keep coming.

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PROBLEM: Winter's almost here, cold temps with it. SOLUTION: Bundle up with the gallery of sketchy sweaters compiled below, which collects pop culture's most iconic knits — as selected from tv, film, music, and more — in one place.

1. Bullitt

The ribbed turtleneck was worn by actor Steve McQueen in 1968′s Bullit, gaining a measure of refined, sartorial cool. It was also featured prominently in poster art and promotional ephemera, becoming indelibly linked with the film in the popular consciousness as a result.

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2. Bill Cosby

Cosby sweaters occupy the awkward space between dad clothes and hipster excess, shorthand for the '80s and the fashion roadkill said decade spawned. The one featured above, a spectacularly garish confection, debuted in an early episode of The Cosby Show.

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3. Coraline

Worn by the titular character in Coraline, a 2009 stop-motion film that straddles the horror and fantasy genres, this distinctive star sweater has spawned all manner of fan-made costumes and DIY tutorials. The miniatures used in the film — produced at a scale of 1/12 — were carefully hand-knitted by Althea Chrome over the course of several weeks prior to the film's shoot. Read an interview about the design process here.

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4. The Dude From The Big Lebowski

The Dude’s chunky, rib-knit, zip-front sweater was originally manufactured by Oregon's famed Pendleton Woolen Mills. Four were used during the production of the film, one vintage, the others modern reproductions that provided backup but did not actually appear in the film. They were scheduled to hit the auction block in 2011 (with a minimum bid of $4,000), but questions about their authenticity and provenance tabled those plans. Knockoffs, eh, tributes, abound on the web and will, by comparison, set you back somewhere between $80 and $200 (do a Google search, yo), but they just doesn’t tie the outfit together as well.

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5. Ferris Bueller

Let’s correct one popular misconception: Ferris Bueller’s sweater vest is not an animal or leopard print. A closer inspection reveals that it’s designed around a two-tiered, interlocking pattern. It is currently on display at the Planet Hollywood in Times Square.

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6. Freddy Krueger

Krueger's signature jumper, frayed for effect at the neck, wrist, and waist cuffs, was developed after careful consideration. Wes Craven, the character's creator, selected the colors after stumbling across an article in a 1982 issue of Scientific American which noted “that the two most clashing colors to the human retina were this particular green and red”.

In an interview with Cinefantastique, he later revealed a secondary influence:

“I wanted this costume that [would be recognized] if he changed into any other thing in the room. I was an old Plastic Man comic book fan—I don’t know if you’ve ever seen that in your history books! ...He used to change shape, but you could always tell it was him because the couch would be red with a green stripe down it—or yellow? So I wanted Freddie to be a shape-shifter that could be recognized from his colors.”

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7. Kurt Cobain

The lone short-sleeve on this list, Kurt Cobain's green-on-green sweater knit made its star turn in the video for "Smells Like Teen Spirit", which famously racked up millions of views in a pre-YouTube era on MTV. It is currently on display at Seattle's Experience Music Project through the end of 2013.

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8. Mister Rogers

Proxy for an emotional safety blanket, Mister Roger's zip-up cardigan sweater was warm, soft, fuzzy, and beckoning — very much an extension of the character's avuncular qualities.

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10. Velma From "Scooby Doo"

Velma’s sweater is a simple knit, rendered in a pumpkin hue. True to form, the boob swoosh has been included here. Details, people, details.

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11. Waldo

Some people say it's a sweater; some people say it's a shirt. Either way, Waldo's candy-caned jumper is eye candy for a generation of kids raised on his books, cartoons, and games. There's no shortage of costume kits available online but most look flimsy and cheap; a better option might be to follow this tutorial.

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