101 Cats In Bags

Adorable kitties in their preferred habitat. Add yours below!

1. Hang in there little guy!

3. Not gonna lie: we all saw that. Embarrassing…

5. The author’s cat, Arthur, seen here exploring the recesses of a sleeping bag.

6. Hardwired to explore the bag, resistance is futile.

9. No assembly required.

10. Head exploding from the cuteness.

13. I see what you did there.


15. Is this the saddest cat on the Internet?


22. Now go seize the day!

23. Weezer Cruise beach bag kitty

25. I’m just going to leave this here.

27. Awash in a sea of plastic.


36. Chiseled kitty, hubba hubba.

53. Skepticism: activated.

92. There’s a pun in here about the laundry cycle but I just can’t seem to finesse it out…

93. Cat in a burlap sack.

94. Can I haz plastic bag, please?

101. Kitteh snuggling with stuffed animal? Kitteh snuggling with stuffed animal!

102. BONUS

Got a pic of your cat in a bag? Add it to the comments below!

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