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    11 Iconic "Star Wars" Scenes Refreshed With An '80s Twist

    Illustrator Denis Medri returns with a new gallery of awesome sketches that ponders what might happen if sci-fi's most memorable characters went to high school in the '80s. (Hat tip: io9)

    1. Punk rock Greedo is slow on the draw. He. Never. Learns.

    2. Darth Vader, the B.M.O.C., rules the school with an iron grip.

    3. Ordering Leia to detention block AA-23 because she won't turn over that secret mix tape Han made for her.

    4. Han and Lando holding court before homeroom.

    5. Yoda training Luke in gym class.

    6. The Millennium Falcon, reinterpreted here as a hesher van.

    7. Professor Kenobi saves Luke from school yard bullies.

    8. Chewie learns a hapless C-3PO on the finer points of chess.

    9. Principal Ackbar and his support staff.

    10. Passing notes between class.

    11. Luke contemplates the pros and cons of early admission at his top choice.

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