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    13 Things Backpackers Already Know And Future Backpackers Definitely Should

    Observations and lessons learned from 3 years of backpacking on a budget.

    1. You can get away with speaking English almost everywhere

    2. You will debate meal choices based on trying to save $1 here or there, but then end up spending $20 on drinks later that night.

    3. Adjusting to new currencies and conversion rates is easy

    4. Plans change daily… even hourly

    5. You won’t need a travel guide, but take one if you find it comforting

    6. Never trust what people say about a place

    7. Carry toilet paper… always

    8. Traveling alone is not lonely—you will make lifelong friends on buses and in dorm rooms

    9. Eat on the street, at food markets, and anywhere locals are eating

    10. Comfort food exists everywhere

    11. You’re going to have a love/hate relationship with your backpack

    12. At some point you will probably get bed bugs, food poisoning, sun burns, a mysterious rash, maybe all at once

    13. It’s all set up just for YOU!

    All images courtesy of Travis King