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15 Necessary Skills For When You're The Last Man On Earth

Be it zombie, plague, nuclear, robot, kaiju, Y2K—an apocalypse is coming. Are you ready?

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1. Archery

The Hunger Games/ Lionsgate / Via

Eventually you'll run out of bullets. Arrows can be reused and are moderately easy to make. Here's a primer:

1. Determine your dominant eye. To do this, hold your thump up, covering something you can see in the distance. Close your left, then your right. Whichever open eye keeps your thumb in the same position is your dominant eye.

2. Hold the bow with the opposite hand of your dominant eye.

3. Hold the arrow with three fingers

4. Raise and draw your bow with one fluid motion until your inner arm is parallel to the ground and your inner hand is at your cheek.

5. Aim. Focus on the target, not the arrow.

6. Simply oosen your fingers to release the arrow. Any deliberate movement could affect the shot.

If you can't get it right, there's always the machete slingshot.

2. Fire-building

Cast Away/ Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation, DreamWorks SKG, ImageMovers, Playtone / Via

1. To start, use a lighter or matches (duh), a 9V battery and steel wool, or a magnesium fire starter.

2. Light paper or leaves for tinder (yes, that's probably where the dating app got it's name).

3. Add sticks as kindling. Form a pyramid with the sticks.

4. Add bigger sticks.

5. Cook whatever you shot with your bow and arrow.

6. Tell ghost stories.

4. Rope-making Franchise Pictures, Brood Syndicate Fried Films, Lloyd Segan Company, Chris Brinker Productions , http://B.D.S. Productions Inc., CB Productions / Via

So many things. Shelter, climbing, hanging food so animals don't get it, tying up feral were-pigs!

You should stockpile rope. But if you're in a bind, hopefully you've mastered the art of making a rope out of plant fibers, as demonstrated here.

7. Meat preservation / Via

As we learned in the Oregon Trail video game, you can only carry so much meat. Don't let that dead giant were-pig go to waste. Turn it into jerky. Just hang strips of it over a bed of coals, as demonstrated here.

8. Animal husbandry

Zynga / Via

If you think that means bestiality then you're probably screwed. You can't rely entirely on hunting. Once you settle into a homestead, try to assemble some livestock—preferably cows, sheep, goats, chickens, or pigs. Avoid were-pigs.

10. Diplomacy

Two Arts Ltd. / Via

To avoid a Lord-of-the-Flies situation, practice good diplomacy when you form your first survivalist community—that is, if you ever find other humans or make peace with the werepigs. Study up on Roger's Rules of Order.

12. Knife sharpening

Rimfire Films / Via

If you don't have a sharpener, you can use a porous rock. Press the blade against the rock at an angle and gently drag the blade across the rock. Be careful. If you're not careful, see above.

14. Navigation

Warner Bros., Amblin Entertainment / Via

Knowing how to use a compass means knowing how to use a map. If you're missing both, follow the sun, which rises in the east and sets in the west. At night, go by the North Star at the end of the Big Dipper.

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