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    • travisb29

      I understand that some gramer mistakes can have major consiquences but except for sexual instructions or instructions in legal documents the thing is that languages main goal is to convay information If you can understand what is being said what does it matter if someone skipped a comma or period - Bringing in youre MLPA or AP or whatever style guide just makes you the jerk of the groupe Language is a tool and if you are just looking at the tool you are missing the point that the goal of a tool is to do a job and that job is move information from one person to another It is not about how much of a conviluted rule book sometnig follows  up untill webster decided to start to put down words in his book as the “Official” ways to spell things writeing was a living artform  Thefact that many of our (USA) words were rewritten to make them less british shows that we do not have a system of writeing we have a large number of individual rules that were made on a whem of a choice What many spout out as correct grammor is basicly saying that thats the way its always been done so it is the only way to transfer information Look at how many times words break fonettic rules Sometimes its because the word has been stolen from another language sometimes its because it was done to add style or give a word air but the biggest complaints should be against the system its self for not following its own rules My biggest question to the grammar, spelling, and punctuation nuts out there is, are you able to understand what the majority of what I said? If you could, How important is it if someone misses something here or there? and are you just impeding the flow of information by getting up on your high horse about minor flaws to try to showoff that you are better at memorizing a convoluted system?

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