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14 Romantic Ways To Stay Warm This Winter

Winter is all about cozying up to your better half. Take your pick of affectionate activities in Alberta this season.

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1. Toast your love with craft brews.

Suzanne Dehne / Getty Images

Golden ale, pale ale, stout... You name it, you can clink a pint (or three) at one of Alberta's many microbreweries, whether near the ski slopes of Banff or in the urban bustle of Calgary.

2. Snuggle up in a dogsled and watch nature fly by.

Photo by Seattle Dredge/Photo by Seattle Dredge

You may be outdoors, but if you're cuddling under a cozy buffalo rug and taking in breathtaking scenery together, you'll be anything but cold.

4. Stare into each other's eyes over sizzling fondue.


Banff's famous fondue restaurant, The Grizzly House, offers steamy concoctions from cheese fondue to chocolate fondue to an exotic fondue made with shark, alligator, rattlesnake, and more.

5. Soak in natural hot springs.

Masaaki Toyoura / Getty Images

Ahhh, the bliss. Take a dip in the Banff Upper Hot Springs and let your skin and muscles be healed with earth's minerals. You can even book a package deal for a scenic gondola tour and cozy sleigh ride followed by a soothing swim.

6. Become better chefs together during a culinary getaway.


There's nothing like cooking to heat up your passion! Paintbox Lodge in the heart of downtown Canmore offers classes on a variety of cuisines -- and you can then stay overnight in one of their intimate rooms or suites.

9. Reflect on art and impress each other with your creative musings.

IQRemix (CC BY-SA http://2.0) / Via Flickr: iqremix

Culture lovers can head to the architecturally stunning Art Gallery of Alberta to enjoy over 6,000 works of Canadian and international art while the temperature drops outside.

10. Escape the cold in an underground cave.

Zeb Andrews / Getty Images

The temperature in caves, such as Cave and Basin in Banff, stays mild despite the chill outside. Hold on to your partner and explore caverns glistening with stalactites and stalagmites.

11. Or a remote lodge high in the mountains.

Larry Kwan (CC BY http://2.0) / Via Flickr: larrykwan

Leave the world behind and head up to the backcountry Skoki Lodge, which is only accessible by hiking or cross-country skiing 11 km from the Lake Louise Ski Area. Once there, you can dine by candlelight and watch the snow fall over the peaks.

12. Relish the winter landscape from inside a helicopter.

Gaetano De Blasio / iStockphoto / Getty Images

Lift off for a private ride through the skies with a helicopter tour ranging from a quick 12 minutes to an hour, depending on how much you two lovebirds can handle heights!

A winter of intimate moments can be yours in Alberta.