Top 10 Phone Conversations You Really Don’t Want To Hear On A Plane

Don’t you wish you could just relax in silence?

If you’re seeing this, you know you’re about to spend a few hours with 200 of your new closest friends.

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But right now the FCC is reviewing the current ban on talking on electronic devices during flights. Eureka! What could be bad about that?

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Here are 10 nightmares you could see/hear/suffer through on your next flight:

10. Slapping of gum and the occasional “uh huh.”

9. Discussion of the latest thrilling celebrity gossip…

8. Inappropriate comments about bowel movements

7. How beautiful the weather is somewhere you’re not flying

6. Stories about pets and their less than thrilling talents

5. The person who keeps trying to call without service.

4. Conversations about relationships, feelings, and emotions.

3. Awkward fights with a significant other.

2. The extremely loud person

1. How much someone hates where they work

Point is, talking on cell phones on planes is simply a terrible idea.

Support the Transportation Committee and Ban In-Flight Cell Phone Calls

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