6 People You Saw On The ‘L’ Train During Lollapalooza

For three sweaty days, Lolla brought concerts to Chicago's Grant Park and a free sideshow to public transit. Below, a look back at ‘L’ Hell, courtesy of TransitChatter. Doors closing.

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1. The Rave Warrior Princess

She’ll tell you that she can paint with all the colors of the wind. With a flower crown around her head and a neon bandeau, she comes prepared to camp out at Perry's all day. Avoid sitting next to her as she is likely to be 'singing' along to the Krewella soundtrack that races through her mind nonstop. Also loves Molly.

2. The Eric Church fan

Dressed in his Sunday Night Football best, Todd decided to make a pit stop in Chi on the way to the Illinois State Fair. He was disappointed by Lolla’s lack of sheep shows. Watch out for flying cans of High Life - all bets are off when someone upchucks on his boots.

3. The Hipster who preferred Pitchfork

She’s in search of the next big act no one’s ever heard of- starting with street performers on the corner of Michigan and Madison. A patron of mom jorts and cat tees, she loves the ironic ensemble that you’ll probably never get - unless you drink PBR and listen to O’Brother.

5. The ’palooza purist

He remembers the days when Lolla was a farewell tour for some band our intern has never heard of. Don’t be alarmed by the phrase “Butthole Surfers” on his vintage t-shirt - it’s not what you think!

6. #Thatguy

“Wait, there were bands at that thing?” You can spot his blacked out stagger from a mile - mostly because he’s wearing unreasonably bright salmon shorts. This human bro-ing probably won’t make it through the day, and will mostly likely be seen on the ‘L’ unconscious around 2. In his defense, his fave Dave Matthews wasn’t playing...

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