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The Definitive Ranking Of The Best TRANSFORMERS Robots

When it comes to Autobots and Decepticons, these are the best of the best. Make your dream team of robots in disguise in TRANSFORMERS: Battle Tactics.

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11. Shockwave

It's super cool that Shockwave was ruled by pure logic. Which begs the question: Why did he choose to change into a ray gun instead of the probably more logical choice of something with wings or wheels?

10. Rhinox

Easily the best of the Beast Wars TRANSFORMERS characters. Highly intelligent and incredibly strong, he exemplifies that lesser-known Teddy Roosevelt quote: "Walk softly, but carry a big spinning-blade-Gatling-gun thingy."

9. Jazz

Even at an early age, we all knew that Jazz was the cool one. One time, he stopped the Decepticons with a musical sonic boom of funky music. If you're ever in the market to go have a beer with a giant shape-shifting robot, you'll want to hang with Jazz.

8. Omega Supreme

Other TRANSFORMERS characters can turn into cars, trucks, whatever. Omega Supreme turns into an ENTIRE DEFENSE BASE. Plus, he was one of the most expensive toys, so you got mad street cred if you were the kid who had him.

6. Megatron

Megatron ranks high because he commands the Decepticons. He doesn't rank higher because, in the first generation, he just changed into a gun that had to be carried by other Decepticons. Luckily, in later incarnations, he could change into tanks or alligators.

5. Starscream

Megatron's second in command ranks higher than his boss not just for his high-flying moves, but also for his sass and attitude. Everything he said sounded like an annoyed toddler screaming orders. What a delightful diva.

3. Unicron

Remember when we got excited over Omega Supreme turning into a base? We're over that now, because Unicron CHANGED INTO A PLANET THAT ATE OTHER PLANETS FOR FUEL! Plus he was voiced by Orson Welles, so bonus points there.

1. Soundwave

Forget that a robot turning into a boombox in the '80s was so, so cool. Forget that Soundwave sounded like T. Pain bent on world domination. Just focus on the fact that Soundwave had cassettes in his chest that turned into other deadly robots. Simply. The. Best.

All Images Courtesy of Hasbro. All opinions courtesy of BuzzFeed, as always.

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