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    When the universe speaks.

    The magic of positive thinking. To use the law of attraction to manifest your dreams.

    When the universe speaks listen. We hear all the time about manifestation and how we achieve things in life but we also spend a lot of the time doubting the process. So what do we need to do to ensure that we are on the right track? Its simple self belief and positive attitude. Three years ago I had heard about manifestation but didn't no much of it. So I set to work to see if this phenomenon was real or if it was a placebo. I learnt to change my mindset to a positive one. One where I knew I was worthy of the things I wanted in life. Sounds easy but when you have limiting beliefs. Holding you back its not so easy. So this is what I did. I learnt to release limiting beliefs they no longer served me. I got clear on what I wanted in life right down to timescale. And then I let it go and trusted the process. In three years I manifested two cars a home and the love of my life. See I got clear I knew where I wanted to live I knew how many bedrooms and when. I researched houses in the area drove passed the houses imagined how id feel living there. I did the same with the cars and once id done that I wouldn't think about it after. I just trusted the process. Now with love it was similar but I didn't realise I was doing it. I knew I wanted love. I was clear but little did I know I was manifesting the most amazing man. See we grew up together and last fewvmonths id see things that reminded me of him and thus the process lead me back to him. From this I decided I wanted to help others to achieve the same and more. The possibilities are endless. So I created a course designed to help others have a better understanding of how to manifest and create their dream lives. Top tip believe in yourself. Believe the process and believe the outcome.

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