Tracy Pat
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  • Nativity Scene Ordered To Be Taken Down On Airforce Base In SC

    Here in Sumter, SC, there were complaints directed towards a Nativity Scene that was put up on the Shaw Airforce Base as part of a Christmas display. The Pentagon ordered this display to be taken down immediately. Comments on the website have exploded as people fight over this decision.

  • Rescue Squirrel Tries To Use Hair For Nest

    Our rescue squirrel, Joey, has been released into the wild (aka our backyard) and has started to build a nest. Being that he’s still tame (he’s learned to use the cat door to come inside whenever he wants) he still interacts with us when we go outside. Today he decided my hair would be the perfect material to use to build his nest. He didn’t understand that it was attached…

  • Squirrel Plays Peek-A-Boo From His Cage, Escapes Like A Ninja

    This is our rescue squirrel, Joey. He’s been our buddy since he was 4 weeks old and he has learned how to “escape” from his cage. He should be good to go when he is reintroduced into the wild because he’s very smart. His Houdini-like antics have finally been caught on camera. It’s an odd thing to suddenly have a squirrel climbing up like you’re a tree when you thought he was asleep in his cage.

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