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    • tracyj10

      WOW I cannot believe all the idiots out there. A midwest town which usually experiences 30-40 degree weather and NO SNOW … gets a blizzard of unprecedented proportions while the local theater is playing FROZEN … and this isn’t ironic? HAH! Not only do they not understand definitions, but they also don’t know how to read headlines … Oh, and here’s a vocab lesson for you guys, pulled straight from the dictionary:  i·ron·ic [ahy-ron-ik] Show IPA
      using words to convey a meaning that is the opposite of its literal meaning; containing or exemplifying irony: an ironic novel; an ironic remark.
      of, pertaining to, or tending to use irony or mockery; ironical.
      coincidental; unexpected: It was ironic that I was seated next to my ex-husband at the dinner.

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