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Woman Fired From BP Claims She Was Told That Her Dashiki Made Coworkers "Uncomfortable"

Ethnic clothing! Oooh, scary.

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Melphine Evans is a former executive at BP West Coast Products, based in La Palma, California.

After nearly 10 years in high ranking positions, she was let go from the company. Evans claims she was fired after a series of racial complaints, and was replaced by a younger white man.

She says she was told that wearing her hair in twists and braids was "intimidating," and that she should wait to wear her "ethinic" hair and clothing on "'culture day,' black history month or special diversity events/days.'" / Via

Evans also claims that she was told to "alert people in advance" that she "will be wearing something ethnic."

BP denies the accusations and has vowed to fight them.

Jumana El-Heloueh / Reuters / Reuters

BP spokesman Scott Dean stated: "Generally, BP does not publicly discuss personnel issues. However, BP treats all employees fairly. BP disagrees with the claims and will vigorously defend the suit."

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