This Mass Exodus Of Hundreds Of Ducks Is Absolutely Insane

What the duck?!

1. In what has to be the cutest and most confusing stampede ever, a bunch of ducks decided that they had somewhere really important to go and all went at the same time.

These are all ducks. / Via

2. It’s even cuter if you imagine them all saying “Pardon me, excuse me, excuse me, thank you, please” as they rush off to their little duck convention.

But it gets kind of terrifying if you imagine them yelling “KILL THEM ALL!!!!!!!” on their way to battle.

3. When you pause it, it kind of looks like they’re at a music festival, looking at a stage and waiting for the next act.

Welcome to Duckaroo, featuring a special performance by Drake! (Get it?)

4. And once the first hoard leaves, another one moves in.

Seriously, what is going on here?!

5. Watch the full video below.

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