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19 Vines That Totally Get Your High School Experience

The quietly-sneak-a-snack-so-that-your-classmates-won't-see-it-and-ask-for-some struggle is too real.

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1. When you're just not ready for the summer to be over:

2. And when your teacher really thinks you remember the things you learned last year:

3. When your teacher has obviously been reading the internet:

4. When teachers won't let you eat in class but they bring an entire buffet for themselves:

5. And when you finally do sneak a snack in the classroom:

6. When everybody can tell that you failed last week's quiz:

7. When you get The Stareā„¢:

8. And when you get called on even though your hand wasn't up:

9. When you get waaaay too much homework:

10. And when you SWEAR you're gonna get it done over the weekend:

11. When teachers take calling roll just a little too seriously:

12. When you're bored on the bus and start playing goofy games with yourself:

13. When your teacher fails to hold you down:

14. And when they go from 0 to 100 real quick:

15. And when they just aren't helpful at all:

16. And when they get camera shy:

17. When all your hard work was for nothing:

18. When your Spanish skills are tested at the most inconvenient time:

19. And when it's finally time to go home:

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