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23 Vines To Take Your Mind Off Things For Awhile

How about a little Vinecation?

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State of the world got you down?

Maybe these Vines can give you a temporary break from it all.

1. This little darling who couldn't have possibly done anything wrong.

2. This industrious use of sound effects.

3. This cutie who appreciates your effort but needs you to remember what's important here.

4. The face you make when he's over six feet tall.

5. This depiction of you on days when you're mad at the world but still kind of want candy.

6. This long-awaited explanation of what Iggy has been saying.

7. This anointed Drake remix.

8. That one time Siri failed to hold you down.

9. This amazing talent that everyone should work to develop.

10. This moment when an unexpected remix of your favorite song comes on in the club.

11. This amazingly efficient hype man.

12. This super-chill sailor.

13. This definition of true friendship.

14. This amazing feat of laughing without smiling.

15. This hot Harry Potter remix.

16. This exclusive footage of Chris Hayes hitting his shmoney.

17. This flick of the wrist that you just need to see.

18. This pint-size ankle breaker.

19. This guy who believes in running first and asking questions later.

20. The world's cutest criminal and his foe.

21. This dog who just can't bear to listen to "Wonderwall" anymore.

22. This drunk baby who is going to have one hell of a time getting up those steps.

23. And this baby who clearly woke up still drunk from the night before.

Need more ideas on how to practice self-care when things get rough? Check out Episode 7 of the Another Round podcast!

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