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21 Reasons Victor Pope Jr. Should Be Your New Favorite Viner

Come for the props and puns, stay for the chronicle of Shamu getting fired from Sea World.

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This handsome devil is Victor Pope, Jr. He's a stand up comedian from Dallas, Texas and he should be your favorite Viner.

Here is why.

1. His use of props is impeccable.

2. He loves a good history joke.

3. And he loves a good pun.

4. He's not above a corny joke.

5. He's creative.

6. He also slides in some sharp social commentary.

7. He's goofy in the best way.

8. Sometimes he cracks himself up, which is just the best thing.

9. His Sea World trilogy is an absolute joy ride. There was the rising action...

10. The climax...

11. ...and the sobering end.

12. Again, big fan of historical references.

13. He's super random.

14. Which basically means he'll never run out of ideas.

15. He spits the truth, routinely.

16. He knows just what to do to make hospitals suck less.

17. He makes a bomb-ass butterfly.

18. He's tired of McDonald's shit, just like you.

19. See? Premium prop usage. Understated, yet effective.

20. He's just a genuinely hilarious guy.

21. (Also he's super cute, which does not hurt.)

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