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Updated on Aug 20, 2020. Posted on Jan 9, 2014

Tisha Campbell's Wedding Video Is The Perfect Portrait Of Black Pop Culture In The '90s

The guest list. The soundtrack. Are you sure it isn't 1996 right now?

As you may or may not know, Tisha Campbell-Martin, best known as Martin Payne's wife, Gina, on Martin, married actor Duane Martin in 1996.

Kevin Winter / Getty Images for NAACP

Duane Martin is known for appearing in movies like Above the Rim and White Men Can't Jump, and currently stars with his wife on Real Husbands of Hollywood.

Their wedding video is on YouTube and if you're a fan of black TV and music from the 90s, it will rock your entire world.

The soundtrack includes such 90s staples as Whitney Houston's "I'm Every Woman," Will Smith's "Summertime," and Brian McKnight's "Never Felt This Way." Hit play on one of your choosing and then check out who was in attendance.

Kadeem Hardison, who had wrapped A Different World three years prior.

The then Jada Pinkett, who starred in Set It Off and The Nutty Professor that year.

Rocking the most 90est lipstick ever.

And her future husband, Will Smith, whose show The Fresh Prince of Bel Air ended that year.

He and Jada Pinkett were married one year later.

The Smith twins, Tasha and Sidra

Tasha is known for starring in a number of Tyler Perry movies and television shows, while Sidra works mostly behind the camera.

Campbell-Martin's co-star Martin Lawrence was there.

The Martin show was in its next to last season then.

And of course, Tichina Arnold!


Besties on screen and off! Aaaah!

Take a trip back in time right quick.

View this video on YouTube

No word yet on if Bruh-Man climbed in through a window during the reception.

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