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17 Vines That Will Make You Miss The 90s

Fresh out the box! Stop, look and watch!

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1. One of the best cartoon intros of all time.

2. The opening credits of Nickelodeon's "urban" shows.

3. The "Oh! I didn't see you there!" television intros.

4. The hip and sexy answering machine message.

5. Your standard emo 90s video.

6. The car scene that every black movie had.

7. Relationships before cell phones.

8. Every single house party in the 90s.

9. This struggle that kids of today will never, ever know.

10. The heavy burden of being a rapper in the boom box era.

11. R.I.P. flip phones. You are sorely missed.

12. The...questionable marketing practices.

13. When your instant messenger service betrays you.

14. And this iconic intro.

15. That pre-Nintendo DS life.

16. The now-extinct sitcom character entrance.

17. And when the lead singer of your favorite R&B group does a little too much.

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