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This Guy Just Might Be The Best Barber On The Internet

Lines so sharp they can slice bread.

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Chris Williams is a barber and owner of the barbershop Razor Sharp in Tupelo, Mississippi, and he has some seriously amazing skills.

This before-and-after photo is just one example of what he can do.

He specializes in flawless fades...

You didn't see arcs this clean in any of your geometry classes.

If you're feeling nauseous, it's because those waves got you seasick.

And lines so sharp they might draw blood if you touch them.

DO NOT TOUCH YOUR SCREEN: That edge just might slice the tip of your finger right off.

Watching him work is a truly beautiful thing.

It's like watching a poem being written, a symphony being conducted.

These aren't just haircuts — they're ART.

This man's razor was clearly dipped in the blood of Jesus.

It's the only way to explain these miracles.

He stays as sharp as he keeps his clients.

But he manages to stay humble through the success.

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