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    23 Things That Only Dogs Wearing Shoes Understand

    Everyone is laughing. Everyone but you.

    1. Walking in them for the first time feels like everything in the world is wrong.

    2. And you try to act normal when in reality you have NO IDEA HOW TO WALK IN THESE THINGS.

    3. Nobody cares that you are obviously uncomfortable.

    4. Everybody thinks that your life being turned completely upside down is soooooo funny.


    5. They mistake your distress for cuteness.

    6. Your human calls you over just so they can see how ridiculous you look.

    7. Even if they wanted to help you, they can't because they're too busy laughing at the back leg kick thing you do.

    8. (And in their defense, the back leg kick thing is pretty cute, but still.)

    9. Seriously nobody cares about your feelings. You only exist for their entertainment.

    10. And they won't keep their camera out of your face.

    Chill, paparazzi!

    11. The clip-clop makes it impossible for you to sneak up on anything.

    How am I supposed to chase birds like this?!

    12. Having a cheap human means having to share a pair with your brother.

    If you're going to make us do this, can you at least get us our own individual pair?! Jeez.

    13. You have to decide whether you should focus on walking or trying to get those damn things off.

    You definitely can't do both.

    14. Oh, those stressful hours you spend trying to get those things off.

    15. But when you finally manage to get them off, it is the sweetest feeling in the world.

    Aaaaahh, serenity!

    16. And there's no greater joy than slamming those joints on the ground in the middle of your human's gigglefest.


    17. But when you find a pair you like, you just can't contain your excitement.

    18. You kind of can't stop running around to show them off.

    19. Seriously, you feel unstoppable.

    20. A new pair can significantly boost your swag.

    21. There's nothing like getting a pair that goes *perfectly* with your favorite outfit.

    22. And they come in very, very handy on winter walks.

    23. And one thing is true across species: Nothing, and I mean nothing, feels flyer than a fresh pair of Js.