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    The Story Of A Woman Who Might Be Posing As Black Totally Owned The Internet

    Civil rights leader Rachel Dolezal says she's black, but her parents claim she's actually a white woman. Social media exploded when the story got out Thursday.

    Here's one of the media outlets that got the internet riled up Thursday with this story.

    "Our daughter is Caucasian" say parents of Spokane NAACP President Rachel Dolezal.

    And with her reaction to a direct question about her race, Twitter exploded with meaningful conversation and plenty of jokes.

    People had many, many feelings, naturally.

    #RachelDolezal does not 'self identify as black'. She constructed an identity and used fake stories of victimization for personal gain

    The founders of the NAACP were white, as were many of the founders & benefactors of plenty of HBCUs. Idk what the big deal is?

    #RachelDolezal why would you voluntarily choose to be black? I love my people but this life ain't easy...

    And of course they had many, many jokes.

    Rachel Dolezal just set light skinned people back 100 years.

    $20 to the first person to find #RachelDolezal's old BlackPlanet account...

    National Appropriation Association for Caucasian People

    Tweets flying down the TL too fast, but whoever just called #RachelDolezal a "sentient Kwanzaa cake" is rude as hell.

    Got a lightskinned friend look like Michael Jackson, got aโ€ฆ whiteskinned friend look like Michael Jackson

    Some satirized the moment Dolezal walked away during the interview by tweeting pics and GIFs with the line "Are you African-American?"

    Reporter: Are you African American? #RachelDolezal:

    Reporter: "Are you African-American?" #RachelDolezal:

    "Are you African American?" #RachelDoelzal:

    The hashtag #AskRachel collected questions that could have been asked of Dolezal to clear this business up years ago.

    You need questions with irrefutable proof. Dressing or stuffing? BBQ or cookout? First 5 words to Juicy? Where Brooklyn at? #askrachel

    #AskRachel Name all 256 members of the Wu Tang Clan

    What comes after "scratching and surviving, good timesss" #AskRachel

    This crazy story was truly the gift the kept on giving.

    #askrachel What type of disease did Shug Avery have?

    What was Tommy's occupation? #AskRachel

    ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚RT @Carnegro: What do you do with the tub of Country Crock once the butter is done? #AskRachel

    Meanwhile, black folks of a lighter persuasion posted pictures of them with their black parents as proof that they're not "Dolezalling," marked with the tag #blackreceipts.

    Precious. โ€œ@AdamSerwer: #blackreceipts โ€

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