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    The 19 Most Important "Martin" Episodes, Ranked

    Where does your favorite fall?

    19. "I've Got Work To Do,' Season 3, Episode 3

    Date aired: September 15, 1994

    Plot: After escaping from a cult, Martin goes to the unemployment office to try and find gainful employment. Nothing works out, of course.

    It's so important because: The colorful cast of characters make this show memorable. Especially Angry Man.

    18. "Baby, It's You," Season 2, Episode 5

    17. "Got To Be There," Season 2, Episode 3

    Date aired: September 5, 1993

    Plot: While Gina is away at a business conference, Cole convinces Martin that she's actually having a romantic rendezvous with another man.

    It's so important because: There's a fantastic scene where the handyman (who Martin mistook for Gina's mythical lover) is trying to leave the room but can't, so Martin improvises an ass-whooping complete with roundhouses. The handyman can barely keep from losing it.

    16. "To Kill A Talking Bird," Season 2, Episode 9

    15. "Forever Sheneneh," Season 1, Episode 6

    14. "Control," Season 2, Episode 7

    13. Hollywood Swingin' (Parts 1 & 2), Season 2, Episodes 11 & 12

    12. "The Tooth Will Set You Free," Season 4, Episode 23

    11. "DMV Blues," Season 4, Episode 25

    10. "Do You Remember The Time?" Season 2, Episode 1

    9. "Checks, Lies, & Videotape," Season 1, Episode 27

    8. "Really, Gina Is Not My Lover," Season 2, Episode 2

    7. "C.R.E.A.M.," Season 3, Episode 22

    6. "Guard Your Grill," Season 2, Episode 21

    Date aired: February 27, 1994

    Plot: Martin gets roped into fighting Tommy "Hitman" Hearns at a charity boxing event. It goes well...until it doesn't.

    It's so important because: Martin's head at the end of the episode. Forever hilarious.

    5. "Blow, Baby, Blow," Season 4, Episode 4

    4. "No Justice, No Peace," Season 2, Episode 16

    3. "Headin' For Trouble," Season 4, Episode 12

    Date aired: December 10, 1995

    Plot: Gina has a big presentation to give at work but has to do it with a brass headboard stuck around her neck after a wild night with Martin.

    It's so important because: This episode showcases Tisha Campbell's comedic chops better than most episodes in the series. That scene when she vogues in the living room? Classic!

    2. "Suspicious Minds," Season 2, Episode 17

    1. "A Romantic Weekend," Season 3, Episode 24

    Date aired: April 27, 1995

    Plot: After Gina, jealous of Pam and Tommy's romantic getaway, sulks that Martin never takes her anywhere, he arranges a trip for the two of them to Chilligan's Island, a resort in ruin. They run into Pam and Tommy there and they join forces to fight the puppy monster thing that attacks them in Martin's room.

    It's so important because: The fight scene with the puppy monster thing is one of the most important moments in all of television history. Watching Pam and Martin put aside their hatred of each other to whoop that thing's ass was inspirational.