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8 Reasons Olitz Is Kind Of The Worst Ever

Yes, Fitz and Olivia are super sexy on Scandal, but come on.

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That said, the Olivia-Fitz union, popularly called Olitz, is kind of a horrible thing.

It had to be said. Here's why:

1. Fitz is the opposite of a good person. / Via

He's an adulterer who emotionally abuses both his wife and his mistress, murdered a woman dying of cancer in a hospital, and shot down a plane full of civilians. Let us not be too blinded by his brooding good looks to forget all that.


5. Speaking of Jake, he's a MUCH better choice.

Scandal / ABC / Via

He's not married, he's super fine, seems to have at least an inch of integrity, is honest with Olivia, and looks sooooo good sweaty.

6. The Olitz back-and-forth is sooooo boring now. / Via

Are they? Aren't they? Who can keep up?! We need an Olitz-o-Meter in the corner of the screen so we'll know whether they're in love or not during any given week.

7. The ridiculousness is spreading beyond the show with "Terry." / Via

A walk through the SS Terry hashtag on Tumblr is full of rabid, crazed fans rooting for the Kerry-Tony hybrid in real life. Come on, guys. They're both married to other people! Kerry is pregnant! It's just a show! Stop the madness.

8. It really is time for Mellie to get her propers. / Via

She has her faults, sure, but come on. The things she has endured for the sake of the man she loves, only to have him flaunt his side lady in her face — the joy she'd get with the obliteration of Olitz would be so worth it.

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