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    Ray J Sounds Off On Fame, Reality TV, And Creating Stars

    "There are lots of ways to become famous, right?" we asked. "Oh, you know I know," he said.

    From sitcoms to reality TV to a certain homemade video that you may have heard about, singer and actor Ray J has been in the limelight for quite awhile.

    On what his mother thinks of his new show, Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood:

    My mom texted me last night and said 'love the show,' and when she said that, I was like *deep exhale*. I always want my mom to be happy with my work, and I do a lot of stuff so sometimes she's with it and sometimes she's not. She said she liked the show so we're off to a good start.

    On the other seasons of Love and Hip Hop:

    I didn't (watch the other seasons) but I got a chance to see like the reunion of the last one, so when Joseline [Hernandez] started goin' in, started turnin' up, that's when my radar went off. I was like, I gots to check the reunion out. And so I kinda caught up with everything that was goin' on because the reunion was so intense. So I got a chance to get familiar with the cast of Atlanta from the reunion, and I know Stevie J, that's the homie, and Benzino, cool dudes, friends of mine from back in the day.

    On balancing work and play:

    When I'm in real life, I'm just hella calm, I'm cool. It's all about business, it's all about being on time, it's all about being professional. It's all about doing my job. And then the flip side to that is that I live a turnt-up life and my job requires me to turn all the way up, and so that's what they're gonna get, you know what I'm sayin, when I'm workin', but other than that, I'm chill. I'm in bed by 9. I'm sleepy now.

    Because honestly, I could really get away with like wakin' up the next day, hungover, drunk, twisted in here actin' a fool and it's still OK in the lane that I'm in, but you have to figure out a way to balance the craziness or you'll drown in some shit you don't wanna do or get involved in, so I try to balance it.

    On his revamped website and "creating stars":

    I've always had the site but I just needed to update it and get it fresh and who can come to my site and see what I'm doing every day and hear about the show and download my music and just kinda know everything that's going on day to day with me and then also like for me like one of my slogans is "I don't hang with stars, I create stars," so, I'm trying to get people who want to open up their brand … I try to have different outlets for them to come in and create.

    On fame:

    I mean listen, people think they famous because they got a million followers. People think they famous because they got 800,000 Instagram followers. People think they famous cause they made it on Bossip, you know what I'm sayin, or whatever other site they go to. Worldstar, people really think they famous when they on Worldstar. People's life change when they on Worldstar, for that one day, that whole day, you feelin' it. But you know for me, right now with social media being so big and everything visually being so accessible, it's just so many different ways. I can't call it; I just know that whatever you doin', all the followers you have or all the fame that you gettin', bottle it up and sell it. A lot of people just kind of get soaked into the fame and they don't find a way to bottle it up, put it in some kind of bag or put it on some kind of platform and sell it. Get some money off of it.

    [You can sell it via television] if you can crack the code, because everybody wants to be on TV and have a television show... there's millionaires, billionaires that wanna have a television show. But you can't buy yourself into a TV show; it's gotta be dope, it's gotta be authentic, it's gotta be something that people will want to gravitate to, so if you can get inside that would be a dope lane, but it's so many other ways to kinda do it and then get people's attention, is the main thing for me. Like, if you got a dope product and you a talented person, get people's attention so they want you as opposed to you auditioning yourself everywhere so it'll be harder to vanquish you, so make people want you.