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Ray J Dishes On The Women Of "Love And Hip Hop: Hollywood"

We had the reality TV star go back to his For The Love Of Ray J roots and give the ladies of the cast nicknames.

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The show is the latest in his growing reality television career, which includes two seasons each of For the Love of Ray J and Brandy & Ray J: A Family Business, both on VH1.

For The Love Of Ray J followed a tradition set by rapper Flavor Flav on his dating show Flavor of Love.

Flavor Flav gave all the contestants nicknames because he didn't trust himself to remember their real names. The nicknames he assigned reflected something that he observed or felt about each woman.

We had Ray J give his castmates nicknames the way he would if they were contestants on For the Love Of Ray Jay.

David J. Bertozzi / BuzzFeed

"Only the girls, though," he said. "I don't give nicknames to guys." Uh, OK.


"Classy" for Apryl because Apryl is the homie Omarion's baby mama, and it would be very disrespectful for me to say anything negative to anybody's baby mama. At the same time she carries herself well, they both seem like they happy, and they got just good morals on them goin' on. I like Omarion, I like Apryl, and they seem like a good couple.

Moniece is like really — I was gonna say "dominatrix," but I don't know how to spell that. But she's really ... she's sellin' dildos and she got her own shit goin' on. She came to my sister's house one time, and she was in another relationship ... my homie had a Lambo, she had a car too ... she crashed her car into his Lambo, messed his whole car up, and kept movin' like nothin' ever happened. Bandit!


She's really trying to be a marvel of Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood ... building the show as far as titles, she got labels, she's Hollywood, you know. These are cast members that she put together; she put together a whole portfolio of how the show should look even before all the cast was here. And we talked about a couple other television shows, she's got a show that I wanna sell. She got some dope ass ideas.

OK when she got out the car in the promo, she know she shoulda had on some clothes, we ain't got to the pool yet! You feel what I'm sayin? She got out the car with her bikini on, and all I saw was damn, daaaamn, daaaaaamn! And that was it. Nothing perverted about it, it was just all over the place.


I don't know her. I don't do scenes with nobody that I don't know. I don't force nothin' on my story, it gotta be real. I don't do nothin' with nobody that I don't know.

Teairra Marie, Ray J's ex-girlfriend: Crazy

David J. Bertozzi / BuzzFeed

She's crazy. Like right now, she's in another world mentally, you know. She's in a different kind of zone, so right now, we'll call her Crazy. It's the perfect name for her. She crazy. She definitely crazy.

"I mean it's self-explanatory. I'm a one woman man, you know?