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    27 Gorgeous Guys Who Are #TeamNatural

    Ain't no bro like a bro with a fro. Or locs. Or a fade. Or twists. Or braids.

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    1. You may think that women are the only ones who are all about the natural hair movement.

    2. You may think that, but you'd be wrong.

    3. They outchea!

    4. Whether long and loose or closely cropped, a highly textured man is a thing of beauty.

    5. Don't be surprised if you catch one of these guys in the Shea Moisture section the next time you go to restock your curl smoothie.

    6. Men are all up in the movement, too, slaying with their kinky, curly, and coarse tresses.

    7. Who wouldn't want a fella with a 'fro?

    8. Fancy a warrior with a wash n' go? Try this one.

    9. How about a bloke with a headful of blue?

    10. Or just a smidge?

    11. If a man with a head full of hair isn't enough, consider one with a chin full, too.

    12. "Hello, I enjoy long walks on the beach, poetry, and regularly detangling my hair to keep my curls well formed."

    13. Perk: if he can give himself twists this flawless, he can do yours, too.

    14. How about a little half-bun action. Oooh, yeah.

    15. Blowout game: proper.

    16. Braid game: properer.

    17. Loc game: properest.

    18. Loc game so proper.

    19. Just imagine running your fingers through these manes.

    20. Who said you have to have straight hair to pull off a man-bun?

    21. Sometimes you gotta channel your inner Basquiat.

    22. This handsome devil proves that up-dos and wraps are for everybody.

    23. Bantus, too!

    24. Sometimes the best way to show off a perfect jawline is with a killer set of curls.

    25. And these suspenders are nice, but the crown really makes the outfit *pop.* (Hi, Chance the Rapper!)

    26. When you feel carefree and your hair matches your spirit.

    27. It's hard not to love a natural man.

    And it's also nice to know that there's someone out there who knows The Struggle.

    28. Cheers to the highly blessed and textured men of the world!

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