12 Must-See Video Clips Of Maya Angelou

Did you know she made Tupac Shakur cry?!

1. On love and liberation:

2. Singing “My Name” on Sesame Street:

3. …And playing patty cake with Elmo:

4. Remembering her mother saving her from an abusive relationship:

5. On The Richard Pryor Show, 1977:

6. In conversation with rapper Common:

7. On making Tupac Shakur cry:

Dr. Angelou worked with Shakur on the set of Poetic Justice.

8. Remembering her time as a calypso singer:

Here’s the trailer for the movie Calypso Heat Wave, the movie that she appeared in singing “Run Joe.”

9. In conversation with Dave Chapelle:

Chapelle and Angelou spent the day together for an episode of Sundance’s Iconoclasts.

10. On the original Arsenio Hall show, circa 1990:

Watch part 2 of the interview here.

11. On being a human being:

Video available at: http://vimeo.com/75927214.

12. A Biography.com mini-biography, featuring stunning vintage photos of Dr. Angelou:

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